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Steel Pandemic RecordsSteel Pandemic Records, LLC is an independent record label dedicated to elevating the capabilities of the intoxicating Steelpan instrument by creating sweet, rhythmic sounds across music genres.

Harmonizing the unique and innovative sounds of steelpan with popular music genres like Rock, Punk, Metal and Pop allows Steel Pandemic Records, LLC to take steelpan music to a level that awes and thrills music and pan lovers across the globe. 
The distinct and euphonic sound of the steelpan, or more commonly known as the steel drum, have captivated audiences and music lovers all around the world. Today, steelpan or steel band music has become synonymous with the Caribbean and swaying coconut trees on white-sand beaches.
Steel Pandemic Records, LLC is building upon this love to create a steel pandemic, one music lover at a time. The record label is breaking boundaries and perceptions of the steelpan instrument by representing music from every genre, thus inspiring new generations of music lovers and future steelpannist.

Release Date: Sep-01-2013


You have never heard steel drums like this! If you are looking for laid back and dreamy Caribbean Island soundscapes...well you have come to the wrong place. "Pan Rocks" is unapologetically loud, heavy and in your face! "Pan Rocks' contains 15 of your favorite rock classics done in a thunderous steelpan style! So forget the Islands on this one and head to the arena and rock out to "Pan Rocks!"


"Baked In The Sun...The 4:20 Pan Sessions" available NOW!
Release Date: Mar-01-2013

The title says it all!  "Baked in The Sun...The 4:20 Pan Sessions" is the ultimate "Irie" steelpan expirience.  Positive vibes have never sounded so sweet!  What better way to honor and celebrate the "most high", than with steelpan versions of a dozen classic  tunes with titles such as "Legalize It", "Mary Jane", Kaya", "Sweet Leaf" and "You Don't Know How It Feels".  So get ready to transport your consciousness and soul to an island state of mind.  "Baked In The Sun....The 4:20 Pan Sessions" will be your vessel that will take you there.  It's got to be 4:20 somewhere!

Rastafari....peace and love, Peace And Love!

Available Now!
Release Date: May-15-2012

The Pan Police…A Steelpan Tribute To “The Police”

One of the most successful bands of all time, “The Police” made their mark on the world in the early 80’s causing hysteria everywhere they went. At the forefront of this mania was their infectious music that blended punk, rock, pop, reggae and world rhythmic styles that created a new and fresh sound that took over the airwaves, ruled the charts, sold millions of records and filled arenas worldwide!

After all of that being said, “The Pan Police…A Steelpan Tribute To The Police”” takes all of the band’s musical elements a step further with a more island reggae, dub, and calypso approach that features the sweets sounds of the steelpans to create a vibe that their music effortlessly and intuitively lends itself to. Listening to “The Pan Police” has been described as “like having a euphoric “Police” dream, dreamt from a hammock lying under a swaying coconut tree looking out over the clear Caribbean sea, but at the same time can be a “pantastic” soundtrack of a conscious island beach party that dances well into the tropical night.”

But one thing is for sure, “The Pan Police” is a one of a kind tribute that after just one listen, any Police fan and/or music lover will be hooked!


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